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Visiting the Chapel of Rest

Some people like to spend time with their loved one in the Chapel of Rest to say goodbye before the funeral itself. Gillman Funeral Service can talk this through with you so you can decide if it’s something that you, or other family members and friends, would like to do. If you would like to then a day and time for you to visit will be arranged, usually a couple of days before the funeral, once all of the legal documents have been completed by the doctors or coroner where applicable.

After you’ve decided on a coffin or casket, you’ll be able to let us know what you would like the person who has died to be dressed in. This is often their own clothes of your choosing, or we have a range of white or coloured gowns which complement the style of the coffin or casket if you prefer. 

Everyone entrusted into our care is treated with the utmost respect and dignity and prior to be being placed in the coffin or casket will be washed, shaved, dressed, hair styled, nails painted if requested etc. regardless of whether someone is visiting. 

If you would like to visit and spend time with your loved one we recommend embalming as the best possible care. Embalming is a specialised treatment carried out by our trained, professional team that preserves and sanitises, creating a natural and comforting lasting image of the deceased until the funeral service.

We are always happy to accompany you into the chapel and stay with you as long as you would like us to. While there you are welcome to place items into the coffin such as letters, cards, flowers or personal items. Those items will remain in the coffin when it is closed, although there may be some restrictions such as batteries or glass for cremations but we can guide you with this.

Religious wash and dress

If, as part of your religion, you would like to wash and dress your loved one yourself, this can be arranged. We can organise a suitable day and time for you to have exclusive access to our facilities and provide any assistance you may require.

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