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Gillman Funeral Service supports Ghanaian Funerals

Gillman Funeral Service in South London understands the cultural traditions of the Ghanaian community, offering a washing and dressing facility supported by members of the community. With a tradition of gathering and viewing the deceased, Gillman’s large Chapel of Rest is ideal and is made available for all-night viewings when required. Gillman’s can also accommodate open coffins and caskets, although not all cemeteries can meet the wishes of community members. Gillmans’ understanding of the community’s needs have seen them handling a number of Ghanaian funerals. Ghanaians tend to announce the passing of a loved one formally with a written letter or email bulletin, followed by funeral services taking place in several stages over the course of at least a week. The main festivities take place in the morning, usually on a Saturday, after the burial, and can last all day.

Culturally, the black and red attire for funeral ceremonies in Ghana signifies a grieving period. The service is usually carried out at a church, crematorium or cemetery and will include prayers, sermon, readings, hymns and sometimes music or poems as well as a eulogy. Gillmans has also supported the Ghanaian community by attending their annual ball and supplying the souvenir brochure.

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